The MicroSeismic Study Group

SEG Microseismic Events –

What kind of meetings do we want and how can we make them happen?

Presented via webinar with

Stephen A. Wilson, Seismogenic

Dave Diller, NanoSeis

Henry Bland, Halliburton/Pinnacle

Jennifer Sadler, ESG Solutions

Jing Du, Total

Jeremy King, SigmaCubed

April 18, 2017

TIME: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Mountain Time



Pease register at:
Webinar ID: 777-609-003


Anyone can submit a request to the SEG or SPE to hold an event, subject to approval by the SEG Meetings Review and Planning Committee (MRPC) or the equivalent body with the SPE. Those who donate their time and energy to create a workshop should be, and are, greatly appreciated. Stephen Wilson is one such person.

Stephen is the Chair of the organizing committee for this year’s SEG/SPE microseismic workshop, which will be held at the ExxonMobil facility in The Woodlands, Texas, on June 19-21, 2017. The goal for the workshop is to offer something different to a conference-style event. All presentations at the 2017 workshop are by invitation only, with the goal of creating a workshop that is tailor-made and therefore able to focus on specific questions that remain neither answered nor discussed at our conference-style events. This workshop is a joint SEG/SPE event, which reflects the interdisciplinary goal of the workshop and the importance of attracting interest from both engineers and geoscientists.

Dave Diller could be described as an appreciative skeptic. While he respects the motivations and goals of the 2017 workshop, and especially the people who donated their time to organize it, he would prefer an event that includes as least some opportunity to submit a presentation. It is difficult for organizers to know what is on the cutting edge of technology without an open process. Fundamentally, Dave feels that there are insufficient resources and demand for multiple competing SEG microseismic workshops in a given year, and thinks that there should be some opportunity for community input before workshops are approved.

The first part of the webinar will be consist of a presentation by Stephen Wilson and will cover current SEG plans for the different events that are being planned and their differing content.

The second part of the webinar will discuss these topics of event definition, content and community input, and provide feedback to Stephen that can be implemented in future event types and in ways to formalize community feedback to the MRPC.

Henry Bland, Jennifer Sadler, Jing Du, and Jeremy King have graciously agreed to serve as additional panelists in the webinar discussion. We will also provide opportunity for input from listeners, including a voting process on proposed recommendations to the SEG and to the SPE.

Participant’s (brief) biographies:

Stephen Wilson is the Founder of Seismogenic and Chair of the SEG Committee for Passive Seismology. Dave Diller is the Founder and President of NanoSeis. Henry Bland is Halliburton’s Microseismic Development Manager. Jennifer Sadler is Sales Manager of Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring at ESG Solutions. Jing Du is Senior Research Geophysicist at Total and a Workshop Committee member for 2017. Jeremy King is Director of Microseismic Technology at SigmaCubed.