Website & Newsletter Advertising

Logo Advertisement

Displayed monthly on the site.  The logos are placed in no particular order and rotated monthly.  Your logo will be link directly to your email address or company website.

Website Analytics:
94,000 Clicks since January 1, 2017.
Average Monthly Click Rate: 20,000

Cost: $500/ Year

Company Advertorial

Displayed monthly in Monthly Newsletter for the specified number of issues.  Advertorial includes 400 words and 3 graphics.

Monthly Newsletter Analytics:

Audience 2,000 DGS Active and Associate members
60% are Geophysics Managers i.e Decision Makers, 15% Duel Members with RMAG, 25% Business Owners
Average Open Rate: 85%
Click Rate: 65%
Forward Rate: 42%

Cost: $2,500 per Advertorial

For more information on advertising with DGS email to