The Denver Geophysical Society is mainly comprised of volunteers helping plan the Continuing Education Courses, Monthly Luncheons, Golf Tournament, Networking Events, Student Outreach Programs, Annual Sponsorship Program and so much more!  Thank you to our dedicated volunteers that keep the society alive and running!



Annual Sponsorship Program

Need Chairman! Contact office@denvergeo.org to become a volunteer or learn more about this program.



3D Seismic Symposium


Mary Sue Purcell - Mary.Purcell@wpxenergy.com                                     


Cambrey Cammon - Cambrey.Cammon@tgs.com



Continuing Education


Bruce Karr - bkarr@fairfieldnodal.com      


Stuart Wright - wright@dawson3d.com



Golf Tournament

Brian Pluemer - plumbobdlr@gmail.com


Tim Schield - tim.schield@globalgeophysical.com


Government Affairs

Larry Irons - lirons@fairfieldnodal.com



Social Events

Need Chairman!  Visit the volunteer sub tab for more information.  Contact office@denvergeo.org to become a volunteer. 



Student Education & Outreach Program

Scott Cook - scott.cook@tricongeophysics.com

Sarah Gach - sgach@ultrapetroleum.com